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What Should I use To Polish My Furniture?
by Floyd J. Rosini (3rd generation restorer)

Here's a little secret...

During three generations as restorers and conservators, my family has heard that question quite often. What should I use to polish my furniture? My Grandfather discovered the answer years ago, and for generations his furniture polish has found favor with homeowners, restorers, and antique collectors in their homes, shops, and offices.

"Oiling Off"

My introduction to furniture restoration was to carry Grandpa's French polishing kit to the client's homes. While he put his master skills into the client's problem piece, he would set me to "oiling off" other pieces in their collection. An application of his wood polish, followed by a quick pass to wipe it dry, was all it took. Every piece that polish touched looked so much better. In fact, the worse it was before, the better it looked after.

Don't Be Fooled

There are general cleaning supplies you can get at your local grocer, and then there are professional furniture care products.

As professional restorers, the Rosini family has experience with most every furniture cleaner on the market. Through the years, we've sought out different products to produce the fastest, easiest and best treatments for wood and leather care. We produce, use and recomend the very same funiture polish my Grandfather made; Rosini's Rejuvenator.

The Perfect Polish

Made with only the finest ingredients, without harsh solvents, silicones, or waxes; Rosini's Furniture Preservative & Rejuvenaor is the perfect polish.

  • Easy to use: Wipe on, Wipe off.
  • Gently cleans, polishes, and preserves.
  • Removes mildew, water marks and wax build up.
  • Compatible with antique and modern finishes.
  • No "gummy build up".
  • Reveals renewed depth & beauty.
See The Difference

Use Rosini's Rejuvenator as your all wood cleaner. It only takes one application to see the difference. Use it on:

  • Fine antique furniture
  • Pianos
  • Picture frames
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Wood paneling
  • Bookcases & cabinets
  • Veneered furniture
  • Desks & chairs
  • Sun-faded doors
  • Wooden moldings
Rosini's Furniture Preservative & Rejuvenator

3 Convenient Sizes

[Furniture Polish - 3 Convenient Sizes]

An 8oz bottle goes a long way and is retailed for just $15.95.

Take the first step to enhance the beauty of your furniture:

Order Rosini's 8oz Trial Special
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