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Furniture Care Tips

The furniture care and restoration tips provided here are based on materials used daily by both professionals and homeowners to maintain wood and leather furniture.

Successful furniture care does not have to be an anxiety ridden, hit or miss operation.

A few simple steps with the correct materials can be truly rewarding.

With each of the furniture care topic links below, you'll find solutions and product recommendations to the most common questions concerning wood furniture and leather care.

First, there is a simple step that you the owner can apply.

Make a visual inspection of your furniture……
  • Are pieces of wood broken out?
  • Has veneer lifted or bubbled?
  • Have panels split or separated?
  • Do moving parts operate smoothly (i.e. drawers, doors, lids)?
  • What is the condition of the present finish?
  • Are previous repairs stable and does their color still match?
  • Has the leather been lifted or scratched?

If you feel that your furniture needs some attention we hope that the following information will help.

Furniture Care Topics & Solutions

Finish Removal
Finishing Furniture
Furniture Care & Cleaning
Furniture Refinishing vs. Reconditioning
Avoiding Chemical Burns
Waxing & Removing Wax Build Up
Staining Furniture
Hardware & Furniture Accessories
Shellac Finishing Tips
How to Clean Marble
How to Stain Furniture
How to Polish Hardware

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