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Many of the products you find on our site are manufactured right here at our facility in Tar Heel. These are the best furniture care products because we not only use the finest raw materials available but we also have developed formulas that consistently outperform similar products in the market place. Our American Custom line of Waxes, Polishes and Cleaners are superb.

Remember, volume pricing and private labeling are also available.

We're here to help with product selection and simple free advice. Feel free to call me @ 1-910-876-7691

I want to thank Floyd for his guidance, inspiration, and friendship as he passes the torch of Kingdom Restorations to a new generation!

Eric Melvin

Rosini's Furniture Preservative & Rejuvenator

Rosini's Furniture Preservative and Rejuvenator is the best furniture polish because it penetrates deeply to enhance the figure of wood grain and to gently clean away those dulling layers of old wax, polish and sandwiched dirt.

Made with only the finest ingredients, without harsh solvents, silicones, or waxes; Rosini's Furniture Preservative & Rejuvenator is the perfect polish.

It takes only one application to see the difference.

  • Easy to use: Wipe on, Wipe off.
  • A gentle wood cleaner, polish, and preservative.
  • Removes mildew, water marks and wax build up.
  • Compatible with antique and modern wood finish.
  • No “gummy build up”.
  • Reveals renewed depth & beauty.
  • Three Convenient sizes

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