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  1. Art Design Touch Up Markers
    For quick and effortless touch up these permanent furniture markers are terrific for those annoying scratches, nicks, paint splatters, worn edges, and vacuum damage. Markers are 5" in length with a felt tip. Use on finished or unfinished wood.
    The Dark Walnut Marker is the one we use most often in the restoration shop. You won't find a better marker, anywhere. Learn More
  2. Cheese Cloth Wipes, 10 pieces

    10 Soft Cloths (approx. 10 sq. yds.)

    Cheesecloth is a loose woven cotton cloth which is highly versatile and re-usable.

    All our cheesecloth wipes are fluffy, lint free and consistently absorbent. Our professional quality soft cloth cheese cloth are the number one choice for antique furniture restorers, painters, wood finishers, antique dealers and home owners.

    Cheesecloth Uses

    Furniture polishing cloth
    Applying & buffing furniture wax
    Soft cleaning cloth
    Staining cloth
    French polishing cloth
    Appling shellac
    Make your own tack cloth
    Painters cloth
    Dusting antique furniture
    Learn More
  3. Rosini's Felt Block
    This is a 26 lb. Wool Felt Block. Which means it takes 26 pounds of wool compressed into a square yard 1 1/8 inches thick. Very firm but flexible. Excellent for use when sanding raw wood, rubbing out a finish topcoat or in between finish coats. Once you use this block, you'll be like me and it will become your "go to" block. Learn More
  4. Titebond Liquid Hide Wood Glue 8 oz.
    Titebond Liquid Hide Wood Glue is ideal for fine furniture and antiques repair. Slow set allows for precise assembly. It is the preferred choice for fine woodworking and delicate assemblies. It provides superior strength, longer open assembly time and excellent sandability. It's sensitivity to moisture allows for the easy disassembly of parts, a critical benefit in antique restoration and the repair of musical instruments. Learn More
  5. Orange Shellac Flakes 1lb Bag
    Shellac is one of the oldest finishes still used today. This traditional finish is natural and produces a highly desireable depth and richness.

    Simply dissolve these orange shellac flakes by mixing with denatured alcohol. Apply several coats with a cloth to stained or unstained wood for that original "old look".

    When mixing shellac, the consistancy is defined in terms of "cut". Here at the restoration shop we use a 2 1/2 lb cut. Meaning, to get the consistancy (cut) that we like to finish with, we simply mix 2 1/2 lbs of shellac flakes to each gallon of denatured alcohol. Learn More

  6. Rosini's Lemon Shellac Flakes 1 lb.
    Rosini's Lemon Shellac Flakes will produce a pale gold tinted French Polish which is often used in antique restoration or in the production of fine furniture.
    DIRECTIONS: Add 250g, (1/2 lb.) of Lemon Shellac Flakes to 1 Litre, (1 qt.) Denatured Alcohol, (200 proof Ethanol is best, give a call, we have it.) Allow to soak for a minimum of 24 hrs. or until Shellac Flakes have dissolved. Stir occasionally to help the Shellac Flakes to dissolve more easily. More Shellac Flakes or Denatured Alcohol may be added to adjust color and strength according to your personal preference. Learn More
  7. Nitril Gloves Box of 100
    These non-latex Nitril Gloves conform to your hand, and provide resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Unlike the natural rubber proteins found in latex, these thin gauge gloves, are 100% nitrile, eliminating any potential for allergic reaction. Use them to keep your hands safe and clean while staining, painting, appling finishes, waxing, french polishing, etc. Also protects the fingertips while hand sanding.
    Making for quick easy clean up, these gloves help avoid chapped dry skin, by eliminating the number of times you have to wash up. Save time when switching from one project to the other, just by putting on a new pair, instead of taking time out to wash up. Learn More
  8. Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Glue
    Easy to use two part epoxy glue. Simply squeeze out equal amounts of hardener and epoxy onto any discardable surface. Mix thoroughly and apply. Material will harden in approximately 4-7 minutes.

    For best results we recommend using clamps just after application to bring together broken area until glue is dry. Learn More

  9. Epoxy Putty Stick Wood Filler
    The Epoxy Putty Stick is a patented hand-mixable epoxy putty specially formulated to repair and rebuild wood quickly and easily. This handy 2 oz. “tootsie-roll” has a curing agent encapsulated in a contrasting color base material. When mixed together, the materials combine to form a polymer compound that cures to the same density as wood. Epoxy Putty Stick becomes an integral part of the item being repaired. It may be used for exterior or interior applications. It contains no solvents and will not shrink, crack, rot, or pull away. After final cure, Epoxy Putty Stick can be drilled, tapped, machined, sanded, filed, or stained.

    Easy to use and ideal for furniture restoration, use it for repairing and filling damaged wood, fabricating moldings, carvings, etc.


    Before applying, roughen and clean the area to be repaired. Then cut or twist off the required amount. Mix by kneading with fingers to a uniform color. If mixing is difficult, warm Epoxy Putty Stick to room temperature or slightly above. Apply to surface to be repaired within ten minutes of mixing. Force into any cracks or holes and strike off excess material.

    Tip: For best results, use damp fingers for easier mixing, application, and a smooth appearance of the cured compound. Remove excess material before hardening begins.

    Please refer to product label for complete product information. Learn More

  10. Simichrome Metal Polish 50g Tube
    Simichrome Metal Polish is perfect for chrome, silver, brass, or virtually any metal. It can be used on any metal surface in your home and office; on your furniture hardware, car, motorcycle, antiques, jewelry, and more. Not only will Simichrome Metal Polish bring back a brilliant shine to all of the metal surfaces in your home, but it will also leave a protective film to deter tarnishing.


    Use sparingly. Apply a small amount and polish with a clean cloth. Wipe off excess polish. Buff surface to a brilliant lustre with a clean, soft coth. Learn More

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