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  1. Simichrome Metal Polish 50g Tube
    Simichrome Metal Polish is perfect for chrome, silver, brass, or virtually any metal. It can be used on any metal surface in your home and office; on your furniture hardware, car, motorcycle, antiques, jewelry, and more. Not only will Simichrome Metal Polish bring back a brilliant shine to all of the metal surfaces in your home, but it will also leave a protective film to deter tarnishing.


    Use sparingly. Apply a small amount and polish with a clean cloth. Wipe off excess polish. Buff surface to a brilliant lustre with a clean, soft coth. Learn More
  2. American Marble, Granite and Metal Paste Wax
    American Sculptors Paste Wax is best for preserving and enhancing all types of Marble, Granite, Stone and Metal, for interior and exterior. From Marble, Granite and Stone Countertops, to Concrete and all types of Metal Sculptures. A custom blend of microcrystaline and carnauba wax that will hold up under outdoor conditions for several seasons. Choose either Clear or Light Brown. Standard 1 lb. can. Learn More
  3. 00 Steel Wool Pads, Pack of 8
    Liberon Grade 00 Steel Wool Pads are the professional choice. They are produced using high quality steel to create a crumble and dust resistant wool. Clean and easy to use and virtually oil free.
    Use them to clean, prepare and maintain wood and metal surfaces. Can be used when applying wax to raw wood or selected country finishes.
    Always cut to size with scissors or shears. Protect your hands with gloves when handeling. Steel wool is highly flammable. Keep away from all sources of fire, sparks and electricity.
    Keep out of reach of children. Learn More
  4. Rosini's #0000 Steel Wool 5Lb. Reel
    0000 steel wool is instrumental in the furniture restoration process. This 5 pound reel will last and can be used to cut back between coats of varnish or paint; or use it to rub out finishes, to apply wax and adjust sheens,to clean and polish metals such as bronze, copper, and stainless steel or with soapy water to clean and polish porcelain and marble;

    Rosini's imported 0000 Steel Wool provides a good multi-purpose grade at a competetive price. Learn More

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