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Rosini's Liming Wax

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  1. Rosini's Liming Wax 1 lb.
    Rosini's American Custom Liming Wax is the best White Wax for achieving a Limed, Cerused or Whitewashed finish. It works best on woods that have deep open pores like oak. However with a bit of skill you can get great effects on tight grained woods like pine, maple, birch.....

    Purpose: To add a white color to the grain of the wood.

    Preparation: Ensure the surface is clean and dry.If working with raw hardwood, use a brass or bronze brush in a sweeping motion to remove the soft wood around the pores and to score and open the pores of soft woods. You can also use a wire brush or coarse sandpaper.

    Application: Work the Liming Wax into the grain of the wood using #0000 Steel Wool or a lint-free Cheesecloth Wipe. Spread the wax out following the grain of the wood wherever possible. Let dry about 3 minutes and wipe off excess with a clean Cheesecloth Wipe. Once set up, to remove white haze, (if you don't like it), use the American Custom Paste in Neutral and wipe it through the work until you're satisfied with the result. The beauty of the technique is that if you don't like the way it looks, you can wipe out the Liming Wax with Mineral Spirits and start over.
    Should you want a more durable finish you can apply my U-30 Finishing Oil over the Liming Wax. The more coats the more protection and the higher the shine. 2-3 coats is recommended. Then apply the American Custom Paste Wax in Neutral or another tint if you like, using #0000 Steel Wool over the U-30, allow to dry overnight and buff with a Cheesecloth Wipe. For a softer sheen use #0000 Steel Wool.

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