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Staining Furniture:
I have a cherry bedroom set. I would like to darken the finish without stripping the furniture. Is this possible? I watched a show where they added a stain to a burnishing wax and then waxed the furniture. No product names or much detail was given. I would appreciate any info or help you could give me.
Thanks, Jerri

RE: Staining Furniture
Hi Jerri,
I manufacture a line of waxes that does just what you want. Depending on just how dark you want the set, you can choose from Dark Oak, Jacobean, or Walnut. Jacobean being the darkest. The wax is colored with aniline dyes and so colors the finish itself. It can be washed off if you should change your mind with turpentine and #0000 steelwool.
Feel free to call me @ 800-344-9257.

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