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Shellac Issues:
Everyone talks about how to apply shellac. Rarely do I see info on troubleshooting. What Do I do regarding overlap or drips? When I sand between coats I sometimes get a gummy residue. Am I sanding too hard? 220 grit by hand.
Thanks, Raymond
This is my first visit to your site. I seems great, I have bookmarked it. I found it by searching for info on shellac on yahoo.

RE: Shellac Issues
First of all you should be using no more than a 3lb cut. I find the best cut is a 2 or 2 1/2lb cut. The cut is the number of pounds of shellac added to a gallon of denatured alcohol. If your cut is too thick it won't dry properly and will remain soft for a longer period of time, making it difficult to sand in between coats. I always use the grey silicone carbide sandpaper to do finish rubing. I usually dont worry too much about overlap. I don't sand between every coat, only after every 3 or 4 coats depending on the job. Then I can use a felt block to flatten out the overlap. Drips should be avoided! However if there are any, sometimes they're best cut with a razor blade to even them out. My final papering is with 320 silicone carbide paper (the greyish white paper) and then #0000 steel wool to eliminate all shine and then wax and buff.

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