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Wood Filler 125ml

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Liberon Wood Filler is a multi-purpose filler used to fill and repair surface damage in wood. It is low odor and suitable for both interior and exterior use. Ideal for filling small gaps, holes, and cracks in bare wood with a flat surface, Liberon Wood Filler contains natural wood flour, effectively replacing wood with wood. When dry, the repaired area may be sanded flat and can be colored using Liberon Palette Wood Dyes and Concentrated Water Based Dyes. Available in four colors, Liberon Wood Filler is quick drying, enabling you to move on to the next stage of dyeing, varnishing, waxing, or painting with minimal delay.

How to Apply Wood Filler
Ensure the area to be repaired is clean, dry and free from dust. Select a color that is closest to the color of the wood, adapt your choice if dying the wood. Small holes may be filled in one operation, deeper holes should be built up in layers.
Apply using a suitable filling knife. For best results resist overspreading the repair area but leave sufficient overfill to enable sanding. Allow to dry thoroughly: 2 hours or more depending on depth of the repair. Then sand, color and finish as required.

Please refer to product label for complete product information.

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