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Rosini's Red 1 Concentrated Biodegradable Cleaner

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Rosini's Red 1 Biodegradable Cleaner is a concentrated formula that is the best for removing wax, polish buildup, nicotine and sticky residue from furniture, woodwork, cabinets and paneling. It will remove grease, soot, oil, food, lipstick, tar, crayon and pencil marks, wet paint, soap film, bathtub ring, algae and mildew stains.
So besides being great for all the wood in your home, it's also great in the kitchen, bath, laundry room and garage. You can use it to clean tile, granite, formica and painted surfaces along with metal machinery, pots and pans, vinyl upholstry, trucks, office equiptment, refuse cans, grills air conditioning ducts and a host of other items you'll discover as you begin to enjoy the cleaning power of this great product.

Wipe or spray Rosini's Red 1 on and allow to stand for a few moments to loosen dirt and grease. Wipe clean.

For Tough Jobs - Use straight from the bottle.
For General Use - Mix 2 ounces of Rosini's Red 1 to one quart of hot water.

You can use the Rosini's Red 1 Concentrated Cleaner as a refill for your "Ready to Use" Spray by adding from 2oz. to 16oz. of Concentrate into your "Ready to Use" Quart Spray container and then topping it off with ordinary tap water. You can adjust the amount of Concentrate based on the difficulty of the job.
Also availabe individually is the empty Graduated Quart Container, and the "heavy duty" Spray Component.
Feel free to give us a call anytime @ 252-955-0156

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