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Rosini's Furniture Preservative & Rejuvenator

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Price: $17.95

Rosini's Furniture Preservative and Rejuvenator is the best furniture polish because it penetrates deeply to enhance the figure of wood grain and to gently clean away those dulling layers of old wax, polish and sandwiched dirt.

Made with only the finest ingredients, without harsh solvents, silicones, or waxes; Rosini's Furniture Preservative & Rejuvenator is the perfect polish.

It takes only one application to see the difference.

Easy to use: Wipe on, Wipe off.
A gentle wood cleaner, polish, and preservative.
Removes mildew, water marks and wax build up.
Compatible with antique and modern wood finish.
No ďgummy build upĒ.
Reveals renewed depth & beauty.
Three Convenient sizes

How To Use Rosiniís Furniture Polish
Squeeze some Rosini's Rejuvenator directly onto your cheesecloth pad. With the pad saturated but not dripping, wipe down the entire piece of furniture. During this process of "oiling off" your piece you get to see it as never before. After you've completed oiling off your piece of furniture, now begin the "wipe off" with a clean cheesecloth. Don't be concerned with removing all the oil. Leaving some behind is fine as it will be absorbed into the wood.

Is Rosiniís Furniture Polish A Finish?
Rosini's Rejuvenator is not a finish, nor will it strip or soften the the finish. It is an oil based polish used to clean the finish and enhance the wood grain. Use it to clean dust and dirt, wax build up, mildew, candle drips, fingerprints, and water stains.

How Often Can I Use Rosiniís Rejuvenator?
We suggest "oiling off" your wood furniture every month with Rosini's Rejuvenator or, at least every change of the season, to help stabilize against humidity changes.

What Can I Use Rosiniís Rejuvenator On?
Make a difference in your home by using Rosini's Rejuvenator on kitchen cabinets, painted and veneered furniture, wood paneling, wooden doors, handrails, bookcases, window frames, gold leaf picture frames, wooden fireplace mantels, gunstocks, wrought iron, wicker, rattan, sticky and mildew surfaces, and of course, your wood furniture.

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